Florida’s Premier Wedding and Corporate Event Cover Band

To get your crowd out of their seats and onto the dance floor all night long, you need a band that plays a HUGE variety of popular music, sounds extremely close to the original artist, and delivers it all in a high-energy performance that leaves your audience begging for more. Read our testimonials and you’ll consistently see phrases to describe the band by audience members and industry professionals alike as “the best”, “jaw-dropping” and “incredible”.

Serenade of Souls goes to extreme lengths to make your event PERFECT. From customizing our set list of over 300 songs to play the songs your audience will love…to a one-of-a-kind color-changing stage that can be matched to your event’s colors to make your entire room look AMAZING – we’ve left nothing to chance. Discover for yourself why Serenade of Souls has gained a reputation for consistently delivering “the absolute best”.

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