New Decades Show

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New Decades Show

Your audience won’t know whether to dance the night away to the greatest hits of the 1920s-1990’s . . . or watch the stage as 14 talented musicians, singers and dancers switch through 84 fun and exciting costumes . . . or be mesmerized by the multimedia presentation on the 15-foot screen!

One thing is for certain – however the members of your audience choose to take in the new Serenade of Souls DECADES Show, they will be thoroughly entertained!

Our new DECADES Show is a feast for the eyes AND the ears – and even the heart! No matter if you have a crowd of partiers who love to dance…or a more subdued audience who wants to sit back and take it all in – the new DECADES Show has something for everyone.

Crowds of young and old, from all walks of life will be held spellbound by the stunning light show featuring 12,176 individual high-output LEDs – moving perfectly in sync with the music, lighting our one-of-a-kind color-changing stage. They’ll be captivated by the quality sound produced by our 41-speaker surround sound system, as our top-notch singers and musicians perform their favorite songs with the same stunning accuracy that Serenade of Souls is famous for!

If you’re planning a corporate event, private event, or wedding – contact us TODAY to discover how the new Serenade of Souls DECADES Show will be the jaw-dropping performance your audience will talking about for years to come!