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See what makes us the best value in the wedding industry

You have taken time to do your homework in comparing bands. Hopefully you have seen true live video footage or have seen the band in-person. You have seen the actual stage, lights, and real vocals, heard the sound quality of the band. You must now compare the technical advantages of one band verses another. This is where Serenade of Souls stands apart. We like to refer to all of these unique qualities as the “Serenade of Souls Advantages”.

“I think I have seen every top band come through and perform our property After hearing yours and seeing this presentation, How can I ever recommend another band!”


you’ve picked the perfect venue, with every element working together (flowers, place settings, linens, cake, presentations). But the focal point of your event is the stage. Do you really want your audience…

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Sound Man

At our live shows, Serenade of Souls consistently gets compliments about how much we sound like the original artist One of the main ways we’re able to make this happen is by the use of a professional sound man…

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today’s music, many of the less common sounds you will hear on a recording, such as non-traditional instruments and sound effects, are created in a studio by a computer. This presents a challenge for bands…

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Surround Sound

The last thing you want at your wedding reception or corporate event is to constantly have to tell the band “it’s too loud…people are complaining… can you turn it down??” This is your event – not a rock concert! …

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Room Uplights

With our unique ability to link our optional room up-lights with the stage, you get an exact color match throughout the whole room. When the lights in your entire room are dancing, so do all of your guests. …

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Lighting Technician

Most bands will provide a few lights that blink. They may even have lights that are auto-programmed to go along with the beat of the music But it takes a professional lighting technician to put on a real light show!…

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Discreet Communication

Even events that are planned to the slightest detail can have last-minute changes. When that happens, the last thing you want is someone running frantically to the stage waving their hands in …

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Exceptional Value

For your guests, the quality of entertainment you have at your wedding reception can make or break your entire wedding. Think about it. Cocktail hour …

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Diversity of 6 vocalists

With the diversity of our 6 lead vocalists all with their own very unique vocal qualities, Serenade of Souls offers an amazing …

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Choose your look

Choose from suits, formal tuxes, gowns, casual and cotemporary clothing options. We can even color match our ties to your wedding parties colors. …

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DJ Services

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Phone: 480 213 5842

Event Coordinator

Serenade of Souls goes to great lengths to make sure you have a perfect event.We offer exceptional service with our in-house band coordinator who works directly with anyone involved in the event; from the bride…

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