Exceptional Value

Exceptional Value

exceptional valueThe Greatest Entertainment Value In The Wedding Industry

For your guests, the quality of entertainment you have at your wedding reception can make or break your entire wedding. Think about it. Cocktail hour and dinner only take about 2 hours. However, your entertainment will last up to 4 hours. Your guests will either LOVE the entertainment, or they will endure it long enough to dance a few songs and then start looking for excuses to leave early. Hire a second-rate “bargain” band, and you could end up regretting it for a long, long time.

Serenade of Souls goes to the greatest lengths to make sure your wedding reception is the perfect celebration you’ve always dreamed it would be. As you can see with the long list of advantages listed above, we’ve left no stone unturned to provide your guests with the “WOW” experience they’ll be raving about for years to come. Serenade of Souls’ spectacular lighting display, superb sound, and top-notch musicianship is without a doubt the greatest value in the wedding industry.

To provide your guests with the highest level of professional entertainment, it requires a crew of 9-13 people to work a 16-20 hour day – a day spent lifting, moving and setting up thousands of pounds of professional gear. Our crew usually shows up before any of the other vendors, and are usually the last to leave. And that’s just the day of the reception. That doesn’t include the hours of rehearsal time leading up to your wedding, learning your special requested songs.

When you consider these advantages in comparison with other bands, we believe that you’ll come to the inevitable conclusion that Serenade of Souls provides the best value for your investment. And believe me, the memories you create – in your mind, and the minds of your friends and family at your wedding reception – are truly an investment. Invest wisely.