Serenade of Souls Advantages Checklist

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Comparing Serenade of Souls with other bands? Use this checklist when talking to other bands to do an apples-to-apples comparison. REMEMBER – with Serenade of Souls you get a SHOW, not just a group of musicians on stage performing songs. We go to extreme lengths beyond our musical performance to give your guests a “WOW!” experience they’ll never forget – with our custom color-changing one-of-a-kind stage display, state-of-the-art lighting, room uplighting and more. We think you’ll come to the conclusion that Serenade of Souls is the best entertainment value in the industry!

Advantage Serenade of Souls Other Band Why This is Important
All-Live Video Footage YES All-live footage is the ONLY way to know what you are really going to get! With Serenade of Souls, you can watch an all-live promotional video featuring over 100 songs from numerous venues with no vocal editing. We provide you with a true representation of what you will get at your event, including the actual stage and lighting. Remember – the band you hire can literally make or break the success of your entire event! Don’t risk embarrassment at your wedding reception or corporate event by hiring a band whose fancy promotional video doesn’t live up to their live performance.
Stage Set(white columns) YES Our CUSTOM, one-of-a-kind stage display that hides all the black and chrome equipment and wires for a clean, seamless look. Also, our specialty color changing system can be set to precisely match the colors in your room design.
Sound Man YES Without a professional sound man, not only is your audience is at risk of being “blown out” by feedback at any given moment, they could also be subjected to unchanging, non-dynamic sound levels for the entire evening. From pop to country to classical, a sound man drastically changes levels and tones from song to song and genre to genre, capturing each style’s authentic sound.
Sequencing YES Our 8 pc band of top-notch musicians and singers play perfectly in time with a sequence playing the non-traditional instruments and sound effects found in today’s pop music. The result is a song that sounds closer to the original than any 8 pc band NOT using sequencing could possibly create.
Surround Sound YES ALL of your guests, regardless of where they are seated, will have speakers pointed in their direction. The result? Everyone HEARS the music and speeches PERFECTLY – at a very comfortable volume level.
Customized Show YES Music is subjective and everyone has their own tastes. Serenade of Souls creates a unique show derived from your choices with your guests in mind; you get to choose from over 300 songs in all the favorite genres and eras.
Diversity of 7 vocalists YES Our 7 lead vocalists are exceptional at matching the vocal tones and qualities of the original artists; and our entire band is focused on reproducing each song to make it SOUND just like the original song.
Room Uplights YES With our unique ability to link our optional room up-lights with the stage, they can be set to a constant color, or change color in time with the dynamic stage lighting. When the lights in your entire room are dancing, so do all of your guests!
Lighting Technician YES Using state-of-the art lighting software controlling nearly 14,000 LED’s (in our premium package) discretely controlled with an iPad from the back of the room, our lighting technician will amaze your guests creating an incredible visual spectacle you have to experience to believe!
DJ Services YES Your party doesn’t have to stop when the band is on break, or even when the live performance is over!
Custom Stage Riser YES Our own custom stage riser is perfect for our band! Third party stages can often be too large to too tall. Why take up precious space at your event with an oversized stage? Third-party stages can be over 80 extra square feet! Plus, when a stage is too tall (sometimes as high as 32″…almost 3 feet) the sound goes right over the top of the guests’ heads.
Discreet Communication YES If there’s a last-minute change at your event, just talk to our soundman, and he’ll communicate directly with the band through our advanced in-ear monitor system. Planners love this! Gone are the days where a planner has to run up to the stage, drawing attention to themselves to make last minute changes.
Exceptional Value YES Our crew of 9-13 people works a 16-20 hour day lifting, moving and setting up thousands of pounds of professional gear. Serenade of Souls goes to the greatest lengths to make sure your wedding reception is the perfect celebration you’ve always dreamed it would be.
Choose your look YES Pick the look that best compliments your event. Choose from suits, formal tuxes, gowns, and contemporary clothing options.
Event Coordinator YES Our in-house band coordinator works directly with anyone involved in the event; from the bride & groom, family, wedding planners, venues & agents. She covers all the details – from logistics, electrical, timelines, song selections and more.