Sound Man

Sound Man

The Sound Man…..the single most important member of ANY band

sound manAt our live shows, Serenade of Souls consistently gets compliments about how much we sound like the original artist. One of the main ways we’re able to make this happen is by the use of a professional sound man.

In fact, we believe the sound man is the most important single member of any band, yet most bands don’t even have one! Most bands merely “set” the sound during sound check or create overall volume levels and (hopefully) eliminate feedback. The last thing you want spoiling your perfect event is out of control feedback forcing your guests to wince and cover their ears!

Without a professional sound man, not only is your audience is at risk of being “blown out” by feedback at any given moment, they could also be subjected to unchanging, non-dynamic sound levels for the entire evening. Guitar too loud? It’ll stay loud all night. Can’t hear the female singer? You never will!

Bands will claim to adjust the sound themselves from the stage. But it is impossible to mix sound from the stage. A performer on stage can only “set” the sound – set it and forget it. This is drastically different from actively “mixing” sound throughout a performance. “Mixing” sound is the moment to moment art of balancing 20 sound sources to work in perfect harmony, constantly changing throughout a song and drastically changing from genre to genre to capturing each style’s authentic sound. Adjusting sound properly requires the person doing the adjusting to be in front of the speakers, not behind them!

“The sound quality was perfect.”
“Thank you for your attention to every detail and the precision of every song”
“They have amazing sound!”