The Team




  • chris


    Christopher Finch is a vocalist with a passion for music and the arts in all forms. Born and raised in Arizona, Chris took every early opportunity to sing at a very young age. Chris’s early endeavors included state competitions, talent shows and auditioning for Star Search. In 1998 His artistic endeavors took a turn to the fine arts field He was rapidly accepted in the country’s finest art galleries as a fine art bronze sculptor and founded the leading fine art pedestal manufacturing co. Precision Pedestals. His bronze works are under the name “Keith Christopher” homage to his late father and are found internationally in collections both private and corporate.

    Chris’s main goal with “Serenade of Souls” was to create the ultimate special events cover band, consisting of true professionals that understand the importance of the perfect event, offering something for everyone.

    At one glance you will find the most diverse song list derived from top requests and proven popular wedding song lists. Serenade of Souls stands apart with a great emphasis on executing all songs in an extremely accurately way. “We want you wondering if you are listening to the original” Chris and the team want to be the clear choice. Serenade of Souls strives to be the absolute best in their field and help you create the perfect day.

  • chet


    Growing up in Montana for his first 17 years, Chet Gass was no stranger to solitude and being self-entertained. Since the 5Th grade, Chet has always understood music like his native language. Easy to read, follow, predict, and has a great understanding for how it works. He was immediately challenged by taking on keyboard, after just a year of being in regular elementary band, already playing saxophone. He then began learning drums on top of the other two, and later at age 12 found his main instrument of focus, the guitar. He has since then learned a multitude of instruments, ranging from woodwinds to percussion and stringed instruments.

    He has also followed his love for writing, recording, and producing music. At age 15 he recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered an entire Kid’s CD of songs his former music teacher sang and wrote on guitar, and provided the rest of the instruments in a variety of styles.

    At age 16, he started independently producing songs for tracks for professional hunting DVD’s. Then at age 17 he moved to Florida to finish school, study and further his musical career. He has been a Florida resident ever since. His love for all aspects of music is apparent in the work he creates to this day.

  • sarah


    Sarah Combs is an accomplished jazz singer and dance band vocalist. Sarah lights up the stage with an extensive musical range covering genres from standards to pop to R&B, and everything in between. Locally, Sarah has worked with many booking agents and continues to sing with diverse musicians at restaurants, country clubs, corporate events, and weddings. Nationally, Sarah has traveled to Las Vegas and throughout the east coast to perform for private events and holiday parties.

  • janine


    Janine Elise Scott has been studying music since age 7 – from violin to piano to cello. Her continued love of music inspired her to pursue her passion for singing, and in 2003 she earned her Bachelor of Music in Classical Vocal Performance from the University of Nevada, Reno. Immediately following, Janine’s professional singing career began at BISTRO ROXY, the hot-spot piano bar in the Eldorado Resort in downtown Reno. Two years later Janine and husband Patrick Scott moved to Sarasota Florida. She has continued to perform her solo act throughout southwest Florida.

    While locally known for singing tunes from Phantom of the Opera, don’t let the opera degree fool you! Janine specializes in diversity of styles and eras including standards, island, country, adult contemporary, R & B, Motown, oldies, and current/pop/dance.

    Another of Janine’s many talents and ambitions includes songwriting. Janine released her debut CD “Out Of The Blue” in 2005, which features a unique compilation of six of her original songs, a few cover favorites, and even some opera tunes. Janine’s vocals shine through a full range of her powerhouse intensity down to her delicate vocals styling’s of emotional subtleties. Janine’s husband Patrick Scott is also a singer-songwriter and plays guitar as well. The two enjoy frequent trips to Nashville to perform in songwriters venues and continue their pursuit of artist development and songwriting publishing deals.

  • 5 tsa


    Tsadok Porter is a rising starlet whose been gracing the stage since the precious age of 3. Early on Tsadok knew she had a unique gift that would touch the world, if she had the right opportunity for exposure & mentorship.

    With some experience and working knowledge of the industry at age 18, Tsa became a founding member of WBTT (Westcoast Black Theater Troupe|), a theater company based out of Sarasota, Florida. While with WBTT she has esteemed pleasure of starring in various productions such as Dreamgirls as (Deena), Hot Mikado as (Pitti Sing), Once on this Island as (Mama Eulie), and the acclaimed Raisin in the Sun as little sister(Beneatha) along with others. Tsa’s talents don’t end there – she’s also traveled with the world renowned HLP Love Campaign. Tsa has also been able to add songwriter to her credits as she has written songs for artists associated with Slip-N-Side Records, Drummer-boy Entertainment, CarterHenry Music, Money Mark Diggla Ent., and more. She earned her B.A. in Theatre with a concentration in Performance from University of South Florida. Audience members and critics alike have raved on the dynamic energy that Tsa exudes while effortlessly cooing their favorites. Her soprano range will have you in awe at the talent she possesses.

  • barry


    Barry Nicholson started playing bass at age 10, when he was chosen to play the upright bass in the school orchestra. “I wanted to play the violin, but they forced me to play the upright bass since I was the only boy with hands big enough to play it”.

    It must have been fate, because five years later when his older brother Bret needed money to go to college, he sold Barry his bass guitar. Bret’s band After The Fall asked Barry to join the band, even though he was 5 years younger than anyone in the band. A good decision, because they quickly realized that Barry could not only play bass, but he could also sing lead vocals and write songs.

    Over the next six years, After the Fall played original music for audiences all throughout Indiana, Illinois & Kentucky with Barry as lead singer, bassist and main songwriter.

    When After the Fall disbanded, Barry married his high school sweetheart Darlene and moved to Dallas, Texas where he joined the hard rock band The Judas Engine. A song that Barry wrote on their self-titled debut CD on Rainmaker Records reached #4 on college radio charts. Barry and Darlene now live in Sarasota Florida with their 2 kids, where they own their own marketing agency called One Stop Direct Marketing.

  • paul


    Paul Evers is an accomplished drummer and percussionist, with a huge passion for performance and over 30 years of experience to his credit. Born and raised in St. Louis, he has also lived in Ft. Myers, San Francisco, and Sarasota. He has played in many bands, each showcasing a wide variety of styles, including pop rock, blues, hard rock, punk, jazz, country, originals, show tunes/musicals, folk, alternative-rock, Latin, and dance.

    Paul currently resides in Sarasota, FL with his 2 wonderful children. He also has a successful career as a physical education teacher.

  • michael


    With 13 years of experience playing piano, 8 of which are years of professional performance experience, Michael Alvarez has participated in numerous musical organizations and clubs throughout his career as a pianist. He has played in a wide variety of professional settings, each of which demands different and particular skills. He has worked in local gospel choirs, jazz bands (both, big bands and a traveling combos) and is classically trained. He is currently enrolled as a music major at the University of South Florida, and is set to graduate in 2016 with a BA in Music Studies. Michael is also the featured pianist/keyboard player for all of the live shows at Busch Gardens, Tampa. In 2012, at age 18, he was also the youngest musician to have been hired at the park, and now at age 19, remains the youngest musician performing at the park. He plays in shows such as Let’s Get Loud, Motor City Groove, Christmas from the Heart, and the Summer Nights spectacular, KINETIX. Michael is also employed as a musician under DreamWorks Entertainment in DreamWorks’ Madagascar LIVE: Operation Vacation which currently runs at Busch Gardens, Tampa. In late 2013, Michael also was featured in a choir on Josh Groban’s “In the Round” tour of Florida and toured with Josh Groban, his musical director and crew across the state. Michael Alvarez is an experienced, charismatic and necessary part of the Serenade of Souls experience, one that is unlike any other.

  • james


    Born in Sarasota, FL, James Dabone has been playing trombone since he was 11. James has been around music for all his life; his father was a local keyboardist and singer in his time. His first trombone came from his grandfather, who played professionally in a marching band before he joined the army. From that point on, James’s trombone became the most important thing to him. Nowadays, James’s main focus is expanding his musical horizons. His versatility in style and technique bring a new brand of brass to music. He is just as comfortable in rock and hip hop as he is in jazz and swing. His energy and style bring a new flavor to the stage.

  • willie


    Willie Shaw was born and raised in Sarasota. As a child he was exposed to jazz, soul, funk, R&B, classical, and gospel and became interested in music at a very early age, started alto sax in sixth grade. Through diligent practice he was able to hold 1st chair through middle and high school in jazz and wind ensembles. He started playing in local bands when he was in 10th grade. While in high school he started practicing bebop jazz, which developed his improvisational skills and helped landed him the 1st chair alto sax player for the state jazz band.

    He was awarded the outstanding musician award by the International Association for Jazz Education. Since then, Willie has played at almost every club that features live music in Sarasota. He has been featured in SRQ

    Magazine and have been on the front page of The Ticket Magazine. He has played with Gladys Knight, Eric Darrius, and Glen Leonard (former lead singer for the temptations)

    Willie is also a second degree black belt, with 4 state championships through the Florida League of Martial Arts, and two world championships through the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

  • tim


    Born in New Jersey, but a longtime resident of Sarasota, Tim Eaton was always interested in music and trumpet his preferred voice. After college and various theme park and theatre engagements, Tim began a freelance and touring career which has included artists such as The Four Tops, The Temptations, The Ojays, Johnny Mathis, Bob Newhardt, The Glen Miller Orchestra, New York Tenors and many others. From 2003-2011, Tim served as conductor and bandleader for Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus. Besides a love of life, wine, and song, Tim also enjoys motorcycling.

  • david picture for the team page


    David runs our one of a kind lighting show Most bands will provide a few lights that blink. They may even have lights that are auto-programmed to go along with the beat of the music. But it takes a professional lighting technician to put on a real light show! Using state-of-the art lighting software that’s discretely controlled with an iPad from the back of the room, our lighting technician will amaze your guests with an incredible visual spectacle you have to experience to believe!

  • 12 anthony to be added to out team page


    Meet Anthony our sound engineer At our live shows, Serenade of Souls consistently gets compliments about how much we sound like the original artist. One of the main ways we’re able to make this happen is by the use of a professional sound man. In fact, we believe the sound man is the most important single member of any band, yet most bands don’t even have one

    “Mixing” sound is the moment to moment art of balancing 20 sound sources to work in perfect harmony, constantly changing throughout a song and drastically changing from genre to genre to capturing each style’s authentic sound. Adjusting sound properly requires the person doing the adjusting to be in front of the speakers, not behind them!

  • kyle