Florida’s Premier Wedding and Corporate Event Cover Band

SERENADE OF SOULS IS Florida’s premier special event cover band offering an exceptionally accurate representation of all eras and styles specializing in weddings, corporate and private events.

“..Thank you for forwarding the video we watched every moment (more than once!) We’re sold! It’s one thing to have a long list of songs and types of music it’s another to prove you can do them all with the same excellence!Watch out Her comes Serenade of Souls.. Kudos”

We are proud and excited to share the first ALL LIVE wedding & corporate event promotional video featuring 100 live songs from top venues all across the state of Florida. Before we show you or extensive live footage, we would like to take just a few minutes and share with you the… the Warning Signs To Watch For When Shopping On Youtube for a Band To Hire For Your Wedding or Corporate Event If you’re shopping around on Youtube and other websites for a band to play for a very important corporate function, or the most important event of your life – your wedding – we IMPLORE you to spend just a few minutes and allow us to share this extremely important insider’s information with you. This is information you will not find anywhere else, but it could save you from making a HUGE mistake when deciding what band you’re going to hire.

After we’ve shared this extremely important information with you, we are thrilled to share real live footage of Serenade of Souls performing popular songs from every imaginable genre. But first – here’s what you need to be aware of when you’re watching promotional videos for bands on Youtube:

Several years ago, a leading wedding & corporate event band created an over-the-top promotional video, instead of showing what we believe you SHOULD SEE – actual live footage of their band. The promotional video they created demonstrated excellent video editing and production techniques, rather than showcasing the band’s actual live performance. In fact, not only was this video lip-synched, it was also performed in a rented venue, on a very large stage with very impressive lighting displays.

Since that first lip-synched, over-the-top video was produced, Youtube has now become a battleground for band promotional videos. It seems that every wedding and corporate event band is spending more and more time and money creating more and more elaborate lip-synched, flashy promotional videos – trying to “one up each other” on the quality of their video – not the quality of their actual LIVE performance.

With the live unedited video footage you are about to see, Serenade of Souls has separated ourselves from the pack by only showing you, the consumer, what you DESERVE to see before making the critical decision to hire a band – actual live footage.

If you’ve been put in charge of hiring a band for a corporate event – we KNOW that your reputation is at stake and you cannot afford to hire ANYONE without knowing exactly what you’re getting.

Or, if you’re hiring a band for the most important day of your life – your wedding – you absolutely do not want ANY surprises when it comes to your reception entertainment. Remember – the band you hire will be the FOCAL POINT of your reception! They will be playing music for 4-6 hours. The band you hire can literally make or break the success of your entire wedding.

The truth is – you DESERVE to hear what the singers sound like when they’re not lip-synching, but when they are actually performing in front of a real live audience.

You DESERVE to see what the actual stage setup will look like that they bring to your event – not some 100-foot stage that they rented for their promotional video that looks like Beyonce could have performed there the night before.

You DESERVE to see what the actual lighting will look like they will bring to your event – not footage from a rented stadium with hundreds of thousands of dollars in mechanical lighting bolted to the ceiling.

Bottom line – the promotional videos that bands make like this are misleading and deceptive to potential buyers. Serenade of Souls is the only band to completely strip all of the potentially misleading elements from our videos. For the first time, a client can watch an all-live promotional video featuring over 100 songs from numerous venues with no vocal editing. We provide the client a true representation of what they will get at their event, including the actual stage and lighting.

What Our Live Video Does NOT Have:


If you are watching videos with rapid- fire scene changes, you are watching lip synching! This is what you’re going to see in virtually all band promotional videos.

In five seconds you can see as many as 15 separate angles. To execute live footage that looks like this, it would require 20 cameras. Single-camera videos like this are impossible to film and sing live, and this is in no way the visual impression you or your guests will get from the actual artist in a live setting. It is simply designed to create exciting footage to excite and entice you – the potential buyer.

These videos are studio-recorded by the singer and lip-synced during video filming. The problem is, not only does this give the opportunity for the artist to record an endless amount of takes to get it right…but it also allows for a studio engineer to spend hours editing and perfecting the singer’s voice using auto-tuning and pitch-correction software. Although the result is “perfection”, this is NOT representative of what you will get at your live show. The last thing you want is to come to the ugly realization at your event that the singer you thought was a Pop Star Front Man is actually tone deaf!

The “Cheesy Wedding Band” Factor


Say the term “wedding band” and many people instantly get a vision of the Adam Sandler’s mullet-wearing character from the movie The Wedding Singer! Sure, Hollywood may unfairly characterize all wedding bands as cheesy – but unfortunately, it seems there are all too many over-the-top “entertainers” in wedding bands who seem hell-bent on reinforcing the Hollywood stereotype!


Imagine the horror of overhearing a conversation between guests about the band at your event and hearing the band described as “cheesy…that singer is SOOO lame…what a dork!”

With Serenade of Souls, you don’t need to worry about anyone in the band doing any lame stage jumps, knee slides, or microphone flipping! We have always strived to be engaging and entertaining, but always erring on the side of being sophisticated.

Bottom line – this is YOUR event. It’s not about US. It’s about you and your guests. Our #1 goal is to keep your crowd dancing and partying all night long. We do that by playing the very best combination of your crowd’s favorite dance songs, covering a huge variety of genres, performed with the utmost attention to detail – delivered with excitement, WITHOUT drawing undue attention to ourselves through ridiculous stage antics. We always receive excellent feedback on our entertainment value and our ability to engage the crowd – we just do it without the cheesy factor.

Non-Realistic Lighting

Many of the promotional videos you see on Youtube are greatly enhanced by lighting. Although you may not even notice the lighting, if you were to remove it, “the thrill is gone”. If you look closely you will find these lights are mounted to the venue ceiling. These highly advanced lights, along with sprawling backdrops, belong to the venue where the video is being shot. These motorized lights and truss systems can cost well over $100,000.00

However, if you are lucky enough to find real footage of a band’s actual live show, you will notice it is usually inexpensive lights that they bring to your event. Serenade of Souls, on the other hand, has the finest color-changing set available, with over 88 independent lights in our premium package (as opposed to the common 8 or 12). Our lighting is second to none.

GIANT, Unrealistic Stages

Many of the promotional videos you will see on Youtube (including OUR original video) look quite impressive because they are filmed on stages that are over 100 feet wide. However, it is highly doubtful that the venue where you book your event will even allow a stage that’s wider than 24 feet! So again, the stages you see in the average promotional video is not a realistic representation of what you will actually get at your event.

However, with Serenade of Souls, the live footage you will see of our premium package shows the finest color-changing set available anywhere! Even though a venue may only give us 20-24 feet to work with, we’re able to create a stage and light display that is truly awe-inspiring!