You Will Not Stop Dancing With Orlando Wedding Bands

You Will Not Stop Dancing With Orlando Wedding Bands

Just imagine planning the perfect fairytale wedding only to have disaster strike at the reception. If you chose the band that you really liked when you were having drinks with the girls or guys, you could be setting yourself and your guests up for disaster. Everyone knows that the more you party, the better the entertainment tends to get, and if you booked a group based on a late night out with your friends, you could have the most unforgettable wedding reception, but not in a good way.

Orlando wedding bands specialize in corporate events, weddings, and private parties. Comprised of professional businessmen and business owners, Serenade of Souls promises to give you and your guests a wedding reception that will go down in history. The last thing you want to worry about is the music for your reception, and with Orlando wedding bands you will be assured of a great performance that features some of the best wedding songs ever covered by a professional group.

Your guest list is usually comprised of people from all age groups. Not only will you have to keep the teenagers happy, but you will also need to make sure that your great uncle Harry is able to enjoy himself on the dance floor. Serenade of Souls has a huge play list that features all genres. Your grandmother will be dragging the groom out for a waltz when she hears Sway made famous by Nat King Cole. Pop, rock, country and current hits are all featured in the massive song list that Serenade of Souls has perfected.

Wedding receptions are meant to be fun. It is a time when all of the planning eventuates into one grand event. The group has a special list of wedding songs that will entertain and enlighten your guests. Billy Idols’ White Wedding sounds better than the original when it is performed by Christopher Finch. He is a masterful songster who brings each song alive.

The band that you choose for your wedding needs to be able to perform a variety of different songs from all genres. Orlando wedding bands can take the Village People’s YMCA to an entirely different level. Ten years from now you will be watching your wedding video laughing along with everyone who packed the dance floor. Teens love Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga, and Serenade of Souls performs the songs that made them who they are today. Just close your eyes and soak it all in. You will think you are listening to the original artists.

The professional musicians and vocalists from Serenade of Souls live and breathe music. They are polished performers who use the latest lighting and sound equipment. Not only will you get great sound, but you will also receive an outstanding floor show. Every member of the group will engage the audience and make them feel comfortable when they shake their booty on the dance floor.